Hi beauties <3 

Sorry for the silence, I have been extremely tired the last weeks. This happens to me every year when spring arrives and the days get longer. For 2 weeks it feels like all my energy disappears and I just want/need to reload and rest my body. Can anybody relate? It kind of feels like I’ve been hit by a bus every morning, haha, and for a morning person like me this doesn’t happen very often. 

Last year I read into this a little bit more and apparently it’s called Springtime Fatigue. When spring arrives and the days get longer our bodies start to readjust our hormone levels and release more serotonin, the activity hormone. This change can be quite heavy on our bodies, causing us to feel more tired for a while as we adjust. I think it’s a little bit like when the darkness arrives in November, but the other way around. 

Anyhow, I have noticed that during this couple of weeks it is extra important for me to keep up with my daily routines; nourishing my body with good and healthy food (although I have been so tired lately I have eaten way to much chocolate because I just haven’t had the energy to care -> the sugar makes me even more tired) , drink a lot of water and stay active.

So in other words, I have been really tired and honestly quite unproductive lately and that’s not a feeling I like. I found a picture on Instagram that said: 

“The only problem with this weather is that I think sun = vacation. So I just let everything be and become the most unproductive person.” 

Haha, I think this sums up my last week pretty good. I’m going to catch up with some of the stuff during this weekend, rest and enjoy this sunny weather!

Have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon <3  


Hi guys! I have to admit something… I forgot to take photos during the day I was supposed to do the “My Day” post, so this post is more about my everyday routines with pictures mixed from 2 days. Hope you like it anyway! <3 

06:45. Time to wake up. During the week I try to wake up at the same time every morning to keep a good routine, which is between 06:30 – 07:00. As I might have mentioned I’m a morning person and love the silence and stillness in the early mornings. It’s my “own time” of the day. 

I always start the day with a lot of water + one of the following, depending on what I have at home (and if I have the energy to clean the juicer or not); 

lemon water with apple cider vinegar/ celery juice with lemon or two spoons of the SuperElixir Green powder mixed with water.

At the moment I’m having the celery juice, which I have been drinking for about 2 months now. 

And after that I have my first cup of coffee <3

08:00 Time to move. I love to workout in the morning and strive to do it 3 – 5 times a week, depending on my energy levels and schedule.

Working out gives me a great energy and inspiration for the day. At the moment I’m doing a lot of yoga and running and I love the fact that Sagayoga ( a yoga studio) is only a couple minutes from our place so it doesn’t take much to drag my ass there in the morning.  

Remember: It is very important to listen to your body and rest when you need to. Don’t feel the stress to workout just because “you have to”. Be kind to yourself and your body. There are weeks when I have 0 energy and during those weeks I try to go for long walks, do relaxing yoga and just rest. You can’t always be on top and that is okey. 

After my yoga I take a shower, make myself ready and have breakfast. 

And then it’s time to study/work (and some more coffee). Most of the time I study at home, but every now and then I go to some coffee shop for the day. If I have anything work related I either sit here, editing photos or then I’m somewhere creating content/taking photos.

13:00 Lunch. I usually eat lunch around 13:00 and it’s often a salad or smoothie bowl. This one was from Cotelette Et Caviar that is located at Kapteeninkatu 24. It might not look as much, but it was very good. They also have a really good lasagne if you are in the mood for that! Other good and healthy lunch places in Helsinki are Hey Poke, Mat, Green Hippo, Relove, Pupu, Moko, Paulig Kulma, Kippo and Jungle Juice Bar.

After my lunch I continue with whatever’s on the agenda that day. Working home can be a bit lonely sometimes so I’m usually trying to have breakfast/lunch with a friend or meet up with someone in the afternoon. Regarding my diet routine I always have some snack in the afternoon – carrots and hummus is my go to or an apple with peanut butter or some crispbread.

In the evening we usually make dinner together with Jonas, eating in front of the tv, in the sofa. I honestly can’t remember when we last had dinner in our kitchen, haha. If I’m still hungry later I have a snack or some chocolate. 

This is a very typical day for me. For me it is important to try to find the time for the following things during the week (+ work/studies): workouts, quality time with friends and Jonas, enough sleep, some me time and healthy eating. I try to strive for a balance – that is when I fell the best.

I hope you enjoyed the post and have had a great weekend! Talk to you soon <3


Hi there! Hope you’re doing well <3

This morning I had my first test, which went really good. I’m very happy about that. The next module won’t open until next Monday, so since I don’t have any new material to go through, I decided to take rest of the day of and dedicate it to self – care. My energy levels have been really low lately and I’ve overall felt a little disconnected from myself. 

So, after my test I did a 15 minutes online detox yoga with Josfin Dahlberg, you can find her YouTube channel here. After that I went to the sauna, took a dip in the sea ( first time this year! ) and after that I took a very needed 20 minutes powernap. I didn’t even understand how tired I was before I stopped for a minute (and didn’t fill my body with endless amounts of coffee).

It’s easy to forget to take time for yourself and really listen to how your body feels, it’s especially easy to forget it when you have a lot of things going on (like during spring). I have noticed that for some reason I’m much better at self – care during summer than winter, don’t really know why.  

So what about you guys? How often do you do self – care activities? And what is self – care activates for you? 

Some of my favourite self – care activates are:  

♡ Long walks by the sea

♡ To watch sunsets during summer in Hanko

♡ Yoga

♡ Home Spa

♡ To try out new healthy recipes or make an old oldie but goldie

Self – care is an activity that should nurture and refuel you at a deep level. It is so much more than a massage once a year at the spa (although that is really nice too), the definition is multifaceted and each of us has many sides that makes us whole, like physical body, emotional and mental state, relationship to self and others, work and spiritual beliefs. Self – care can be an “bigger “ activity once a month, but also small activates that you do on a daily basis – like a morning/evening routine or keeping a daily journal. 

One thing that is common is the thought of not “being worth” self – care or that there simply isn’t enough time for it. Give yourself permission to practice self – care. When you are happy with yourself your energy and enthusiasm will shine through and you will automatically feel better and more comfortable / confident in different life situations.

I hope you find the time to do something for yourself during this week, you’re worth it. Talk to you soon <3 


Hi guys! Hope you are doing well <3

Today I want to talk about bio – individuality, how many of you are familiar with the term? Well, what it basically means is that one person’s food is another person’s poison. Everyone is different and each of us has unique food – and lifestyle needs, something I think is important to remember. Today, it feels like everyone has the right to tell you what to eat/what not to eat ( and some people even get upset about other people’s dietary choices? ) – although in the end, it’s only you who knows what works best for your body.

It’s not always easy to find out what works for you and it doesn’t happen over a night. It’s important to be open minded and have patience – it takes time to find what works for you and it will most likely also change through the years. Something that worked for you ten years ago might not work for you today. Take me for example; 

About five years ago I did a lot of high intensive training, did CrossFit 1 – 2 times a week and had a totally different diet. Back then, I could not imagine a meal without fish or chicken (I’ve never really been a fan of red meat) and got bloated if I ate to much vegetables. I couldn’t understand why people did yoga because I thought of it as a dull and to slow training type. Well, then I came across a pretty bad hip injury and had three surgeries. The surgeries opened up my eyes for selfcare in a new way. Pilates was a big part of my recovery and I also got familiar with yoga. I fell in love with both of them, which I never thought would have happened three years earlier. I also changed my dietary and today I eat mostly plant based (fish every now and then), no dairy and add vegetables to every meal. I’ve never felt better.

I talked about bio – individuality with my friend about a week ago and she asked me “How do I know what works best for me/Where do I start?” I know this might feel like a boring answer but learn to listen to your body. Start to reflect over what makes you feel good/ what doesn’t. How do you feel after a meal? If you eat a meal and feel sluggish & tired afterwards and get hungry in an hour or two – it was probably not the best meal for you. The reason I cut out diary from my diet was because I noticed that it caused an inflammation in my body (skin problems) and I was constantly a little bit swollen. But, my boyfriend for example eats dairy products and it works more than fine for him. Everyone is different.

To learn how to listen to your body is a life long journey but worth it. Be open – minded, experiment and try out new things. This way you will, hopefully, find what suits you best and therefore, feel your best. Good luck! <3

PS. Remember that I’m always more than happy to answer your questions if you have any, here or on my Instagram @jennyjungell <3 Take Care!


One of the first things we got introduced to at IIN was Primary – and Secondary Food. Secondary Food is what we eat and Primary Food is the ‘food’ that feeds us, but doesn’t come on a plate. Primary Food includes elements such as physical activity, spirituality, an inspiring career, honest and open relationships. Basically things that gives your life meaning and feed your soul. The idea is that everything we consider as nutrition is really just a secondary source of energy and that the primary ‘food’ should be the main energy source. Food has, of course, a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, but if that’s the only good thing in our lives we won’t be healthy (and happy). In the end, food won’t give us the same joy, meaning and fulfilment that primary food can give us.

Unfortunately, I think this is something people easily forget. Instead of going through ones diet when feeling tired/down, it might be a good idea to reflect over ones primary food. Sometimes the negative feelings might come from a bad relationship, too little or too much physical activity or an unpleasant work environment (although if you have a really bad diet, it might be the reason).

The Primary Food that affects me most is definitely my relationships and physical activity. I love to spend time with my friends and family, meet new people and connect. It gives me a lot of energy and joy. But then it’s the same way around, if I experience a bad relationship I feel down and all my energy disappears, often for a longer period. I’ve learned through the years (and I’m still learning) to only spend time with people who give me good energy and have good intentions. You should feel good about yourself after spending time with people, not the opposite.

Physical activity is also something that affects me but not as much as relationships. I love to workout and move my body, it’s something that has been a part of my life as long as I can remember and without the right amount I get really restless, tired and uninspired. 

I love this holistic approach and think it’s good to every now and then reflect over what affects you and why you are feeling in certain ways. What about you, do you feel like you’re having your Primary Food in order? What would you say affects you the most? I would love to hear your answers! 

Talk to you soon! <3