Tomorrow it’s time to start the celebration of Vappu & 1st of May. I love all kinds of Holidays (and to celebrate things in life), so I’m excited. Everybody is usually in a good mood and it is just overall a happy vibe. Tomorrow we are having a big dinner together with our friends at Carelia and on the 1st of May we are going to our friends for their yearly brunch. Fun fun fun.

I believe that balance is the key in life so besides my healthy routines I like to enjoy some bubbly every now and then. I’m actually not that much of a “cocktail person”, but these prosecco cocktails turned out really good (and they look cute don’t they?). The cocktail shouldn’t be too sweet and easy to make – just like this grapefruit prosecco cocktail! I think these would work great as a pre drink or as mimosas at the brunch table for the upcoming celebrations. 

3 persons: 

2 freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 

Prosecco  (I used the Divici Organic Prosecco * gifted)


Fresh thyme for the garnish

Strain the grapefruit juice evenly in three glasses + prosecco. Add ½ tsp honey in every glass and mix it. Add some thyme for garnish. Voila! If you want to make a non – alcoholic version you can  either change the prosecco to a non – alcoholic version or use sparkling water instead. If you use sparkling water, add some ice to get an extra refreshing drink.

Have a great Monday! Hugs! <3

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