Hi guys! I have to admit something… I forgot to take photos during the day I was supposed to do the “My Day” post, so this post is more about my everyday routines with pictures mixed from 2 days. Hope you like it anyway! <3 

06:45. Time to wake up. During the week I try to wake up at the same time every morning to keep a good routine, which is between 06:30 – 07:00. As I might have mentioned I’m a morning person and love the silence and stillness in the early mornings. It’s my “own time” of the day. 

I always start the day with a lot of water + one of the following, depending on what I have at home (and if I have the energy to clean the juicer or not); 

lemon water with apple cider vinegar/ celery juice with lemon or two spoons of the SuperElixir Green powder mixed with water.

At the moment I’m having the celery juice, which I have been drinking for about 2 months now. 

And after that I have my first cup of coffee <3

08:00 Time to move. I love to workout in the morning and strive to do it 3 – 5 times a week, depending on my energy levels and schedule.

Working out gives me a great energy and inspiration for the day. At the moment I’m doing a lot of yoga and running and I love the fact that Sagayoga ( a yoga studio) is only a couple minutes from our place so it doesn’t take much to drag my ass there in the morning.  

Remember: It is very important to listen to your body and rest when you need to. Don’t feel the stress to workout just because “you have to”. Be kind to yourself and your body. There are weeks when I have 0 energy and during those weeks I try to go for long walks, do relaxing yoga and just rest. You can’t always be on top and that is okey. 

After my yoga I take a shower, make myself ready and have breakfast. 

And then it’s time to study/work (and some more coffee). Most of the time I study at home, but every now and then I go to some coffee shop for the day. If I have anything work related I either sit here, editing photos or then I’m somewhere creating content/taking photos.

13:00 Lunch. I usually eat lunch around 13:00 and it’s often a salad or smoothie bowl. This one was from Cotelette Et Caviar that is located at Kapteeninkatu 24. It might not look as much, but it was very good. They also have a really good lasagne if you are in the mood for that! Other good and healthy lunch places in Helsinki are Hey Poke, Mat, Green Hippo, Relove, Pupu, Moko, Paulig Kulma, Kippo and Jungle Juice Bar.

After my lunch I continue with whatever’s on the agenda that day. Working home can be a bit lonely sometimes so I’m usually trying to have breakfast/lunch with a friend or meet up with someone in the afternoon. Regarding my diet routine I always have some snack in the afternoon – carrots and hummus is my go to or an apple with peanut butter or some crispbread.

In the evening we usually make dinner together with Jonas, eating in front of the tv, in the sofa. I honestly can’t remember when we last had dinner in our kitchen, haha. If I’m still hungry later I have a snack or some chocolate. 

This is a very typical day for me. For me it is important to try to find the time for the following things during the week (+ work/studies): workouts, quality time with friends and Jonas, enough sleep, some me time and healthy eating. I try to strive for a balance – that is when I fell the best.

I hope you enjoyed the post and have had a great weekend! Talk to you soon <3

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