Hi there,

Hope you have had a good Monday <3 April is finally here and I’m excited, it is one of my favourite months. The spring has arrived, it’s me and my boyfriend’s birthday (yes we are born on the same day, the same year haha) and there is a lovely positive vibe in the air – it feels like people are generally happier during spring, don’t you think? I also have some new fun projects coming up which I’m really excited about. I already told you guys about one of them, you who follow me on Instagram probably saw that I’m the new ambassador for Palms and Berries Acai. I’m so excited and grateful to be a part of the Palms and Berries team! It is the first, and only, frozen açai available in Finland and it tastes so good. We have all kinds of fun stuff planed and you get to, of course, follow along! 

I got a wish from one of my readers ( I love it when you send me DMs with thoughts, comments etc. regarding the blog <3 ) that it would be fun if I shared my daily routines with you, so I thought I would do a “My Day” kind of post some day during this week. Although my days are pretty different from day to day, I will try to pick a typical day for me.

I hope you had a peaceful weekend and feeling rested and ready for this new week! I’m going to end this day with a yin & yang yoga session.

Talk to you soon! <3 

2 thoughts on “HI APRIL 

  1. Rebecka

    Hej Jenny!

    Vilken feel-good blogg du har. Tycker verkligen om dina inlägg och du är duktig på att skriva och uttrycka. Ser fram emot mer!

    Något som jag gärna hade velat läsa om, när du skal skriva om dina dagliga rutiner eller i ett annat inlägg, är portionsstorlekar och vad som är rekommenderat intag vid varje måltid.

    Ha det bäst! Du är grym.

    • Hej Rebecka,

      Vad otroligt glad jag blev av din fina kommentar, tack snälla! <3 Jag fick faktist ett önskeinlägg om "How to keep a balanced diet" av en annan läsare och tänkte att det här angående portionsstorlekar/rekommenderat intag skulle kunna passa bra med där!

      Hoppas du får en härlig söndag! 🙂 Kram!

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