Hi there! Hope you’re doing well <3

This morning I had my first test, which went really good. I’m very happy about that. The next module won’t open until next Monday, so since I don’t have any new material to go through, I decided to take rest of the day of and dedicate it to self – care. My energy levels have been really low lately and I’ve overall felt a little disconnected from myself. 

So, after my test I did a 15 minutes online detox yoga with Josfin Dahlberg, you can find her YouTube channel here. After that I went to the sauna, took a dip in the sea ( first time this year! ) and after that I took a very needed 20 minutes powernap. I didn’t even understand how tired I was before I stopped for a minute (and didn’t fill my body with endless amounts of coffee).

It’s easy to forget to take time for yourself and really listen to how your body feels, it’s especially easy to forget it when you have a lot of things going on (like during spring). I have noticed that for some reason I’m much better at self – care during summer than winter, don’t really know why.  

So what about you guys? How often do you do self – care activities? And what is self – care activates for you? 

Some of my favourite self – care activates are:  

♡ Long walks by the sea

♡ To watch sunsets during summer in Hanko

♡ Yoga

♡ Home Spa

♡ To try out new healthy recipes or make an old oldie but goldie

Self – care is an activity that should nurture and refuel you at a deep level. It is so much more than a massage once a year at the spa (although that is really nice too), the definition is multifaceted and each of us has many sides that makes us whole, like physical body, emotional and mental state, relationship to self and others, work and spiritual beliefs. Self – care can be an “bigger “ activity once a month, but also small activates that you do on a daily basis – like a morning/evening routine or keeping a daily journal. 

One thing that is common is the thought of not “being worth” self – care or that there simply isn’t enough time for it. Give yourself permission to practice self – care. When you are happy with yourself your energy and enthusiasm will shine through and you will automatically feel better and more comfortable / confident in different life situations.

I hope you find the time to do something for yourself during this week, you’re worth it. Talk to you soon <3 

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