Some people might think porridge is boring but I love it. It’s healthy, easy and fast to make and keeps you full. I eat porridge almost every day for breakfast, well except during summer months when I prefer something lighter like a smoothie bowl. Anyway, for you guys who thinks porridge is boring (like my beloved boyfriend) this recipe will definitely make it less boring! It tastes like a coconut ball in a bowl, and that sounds pretty good to me. 


1/2 dl oats

1 – 2 dl water (depending on how thick you want the porridge to be)

1 tbsp chocolate protein powder

1 tbsp coconut flakes



Peanut butter

Coconut flakes

Strawberries/ Banana/ Blueberries

Place the oat, water and salt in a pan over a medium heat and stir for about 5 minutes. When the porridge is ready, add the chocolate protein powder and the coconut flakes. Mix it and top it with your toppings.

Enjoy and have an amazing weekend! <3

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